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For over fifteen years, Lavi & Company has been at the forefront of the green-building movement. 

Our expertise has made us the go-to contractor in the Chicagoland area for clients in search of quality construction that keeps the health and wellbeing of their families as a top priority. We believe that there is nothing more important than the health of those we love: our partners, our children, our pets. Our extensive familiarity with the breadth and depth of green materials will allow you to seamlessly replace non-sustainable and toxic materials with the best choices for your design, budget, and health.  

Going Green For Children and Pets

Cleaner Air

Lavi & Company can direct you to green choices with your children and furry friends in mind. Take flooring, for instance. Toddlers and children – who have smaller, still-developing body systems and spend more time crawling and playing on flooring – are particularly at risk for toxin inhalation from carpets and rugs. Our gaming tweens and teens — and dogs and cats — spend hours stretched out on our floors, breathing in those same fumes. We will assist you in selecting products that will keep your family safe from these harmful chemicals, whether in flooring, paint, or the remodeling process itself.

No matter where you are on the path to green design, Lavi & Company will work with you. Rest assured that in all of our projects – green or traditional – we are committed to careful waste management during the remodel process. We are one of the only builders in the area who has invested in the BuildClean Dust Control air-filtering system. This HEPA air-filtering process will keep your family and pets free from 90% of the dust and other allergens generated during a remodel.  Knowing that your family’s health will not be compromised during a remodel – and saving yourself from the mess of microscopic dust particles migrating to all rooms of your house! – will provide peace of mind as you watch your remodel dreams come to life.

If you want to make healthier choices for your family’s living spaces, look no further than Lavi & Company. We understand that environmentally-responsible construction is an important step in ensuring we leave a softer footprint on the landscape for future generations — starting today, with the wellbeing of your family.

Lavi Company is a professional and trustworthy company to work with. They have done several projects in my home. The owner Oren is not only committed to quality work, but his communication has always been prompt and precise. Every single detail is managed, and I know I am in good hands. I would recommend this company to anyone.

Talk about having the nicest contractor ever!! My husband and I love working with Oren and recommend him to everyone. It doesn’t matter the type of project, commercial or residential, big or small, Lavi Co. will not let you down.

Oren Lavi of LaviCo did a very large rehab job on our entire house and blew away our expectations. He was professional, honest and the work he did was just beautiful. We have gotten hundreds of compliments on our renovations and have recommended him to many friends, all who have been just as happy with his work. We highly recommend LaviCo.

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